Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rocky Horror Picture Show Night

Plans have changed and Nerd Night this week is going to be held on Thursday October 29 at the Tower Theatre(same place that had the store kitty coincidentally) in Salt Lake City. We will be watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Dress up like your favorite character, and bring some cash to pay back Kimber for the tickets.

This picture has nothing to do with this post. I just really like it

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Tutorial

Explained by Kimber.

Nerd Night is a weekly opportunity for nerdy friends to get together and do nerdy things. It is held in Kimber's basement apartment, which is generally large enough for the various activities, though not always. Nerd Night used to be a respectably sized gathering, but now due to Texas Universities and the Navy, our numbers have dwindled to Kimber, Devin, and Jarret. Kimber's dog Spartacus also attends regularly, and every so often Satan makes an appearance.

Last Nerd Night we went to the haunted forest, where we learned that Devin's younger brother, Biddle, is awesome, and Kimber will ditch everyone when being chased by chain saws.

Next Monday we will be carving pumpkins, watching movies, and eating candy. Everyone bring a couple bucks for pumpkins, candy, and movies, or bring those items to begin with, if you don't want to patronize Albertsons and Blockbuster, where we will be going to obtain the afore-mentioned items.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Haunted Forest

Time for the Nerd Night Report!
Last week we went to the Nightmare on 13th. It was awesome. Afterwards we drove through Rape Park and saw a store kitty at the Tower Theatre in Salt Lake City. We also played Nertz and ate doughnuts.
This week we will once again be meeting at Devin's house and going to The Haunted Forest. This time we will remember to bring Biddle along.

This is what happens to faggots who skip out on Nerd Night.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nightmare on 13th

Just a quick reminder that Nerd Night is at Devin's house in Pleasant Grove. Be there on time or we'll feed you to Larissa. Once you get to my house I will drive us up the rest of the way. And happy! I've got coupons for us.
Kimber if you want to bring Sparty-poo I'm sure my mom and sister would be happy to watch him. Just make sure you bring his leash too so that he can be reigned in. Also Kimber, this is future you.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Nerd Night Schedule

Tonight is Scarey Night. We'll see how it goes.

Next week is a field trip to Nightmare on 13th street. The next week we'll be going on an excursion to the haunted forest. For the last Nerd Night in October, we'll be doing pumpkin carving, candy, and movies. You can take that last sentence however you want to.

Here is a picture of our beautiful poster, which was quickly destroyed by stupid BYU students.

The End