Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prank Night

Unfortunately, noone got prostituted last Monday night. But fortunately for Kimber, we had a little scriptwriting workshop in which Jarret and Devin developed two homosexuals into blood-drinking assassins that eventually overcome their differences and go home to have gay sex. It rocked.
Next week will be prank night. Devin's going to wear a gorilla mask, and Kimber's going to wear a ski mask, and Jarret is going to go naked. Everyone bring a sharpie so that we can write funny stuff all over everything. Also pray that it won't rain.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pimpshizzle night

Fun night went awesomely. The gang hung around at the local Wash-Hut waiting for Kimber's clothing to be washed and dried. For food, Devin got himself ice cream, Kimber got Panda Express, and Jarret didn't get anything(he was a little bugged by it too). When Kimber's laundry finished, we all crammed our asses in Kimber's car and drove around and terrorized downtown provo. Nuf' said.
Next week is PimpShizzle night. We're gonna start an underground crime syndicate with the sole illegal purpose of whoring out Nolan and Grant(a plan to bring them back to Utah is in my schedule as well). Also I think Kimber might have something planned. Bring your best bling.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun Night

Time for the minutes people.
Last week we somehow ended up watching Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus and eating pizza. The shark flew out of the water and ate a plane. It. Fucked. My. Mind. :D
Anyways, this week will be fun night. Jarret and Kimber will probably want to do not fun stuff but Devin doesn't want to put up with their shit and lack of funds. Bring a funny joke(especially if it's dirty those kind are the best).

Here's a video of the bravest warriors. Watch it before Cartoon Network finds it and takes it off youtube since they're assholes

Sunday, March 14, 2010

back on track (I hope)

Ok so after some time off in which nothing of value got done, I Devin, have decided to start updating this blog once again. Lets just pick up starting now and pretend that time stopped for several months.
Last Nerd Night we went to Costco. Devin was sick and Jarret and Kimber fell asleep on the floor. We ate danishes.
This upcoming week is going to be farthead night. Hopefully we'll end up somewhere where Devin can buy toilet paper and do something that doesn't involve bashing BYU and loitering Kimber's apartment. Bring a sharpie so that we can be vandals

Also here's a picture of some oranges that I drew.