Wednesday, April 28, 2010

stuff and games and crap night

Ok so yeah I'm late posting but thats because Nolan barged in with his post on how taxes suck and I just wanted to give his post some space.
So last week we learned how to play a card game called Legend of the Five Rings. It was going pretty good and fun-like but Kimber got all cranky because she didn't know what the crap was going on and Jarret wiped our asses all over the floor since he knew exactly what the crap was going on(but he pretended that he didn't). Also Devin got a typewriter.
Next week is Devin's turn to teach the crew a game. It will be a surprise. yay.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

taxes and poopy pants

I don't pay too much attention what happens to my money. This is a lazy and bad habit I developed from a lifetime of: "I don't care I'm apathetic and only wanna have fun," syndrom.

So anyway this was the first time I've ever filled out my own taxes, It was scary but I did it online through H and R block and they gave me step by step instructions. In the end of the tax report I submitted the mother fucker and a new page came up: "state taxes." What went through my head was: "Am I paying state taxes? I don't know I'll leave it blank" So anyway long story short, I recently found out from one of my pay stubs that I am infact still paying atate taxes through Utah and I just lost some good cash from my tax return because of this bullshit. Infact I wonder even now if the form went in and I'm even gonna get a return at all. The tension is killing me. And I just shit myself thinking I could also get in trouble with dumbasses for not doing my taxes.

Anyway I want to talk about this Mormon zion: "Utah," They suck you dry and cheat you so much when it comes to cash it's not even funny. nuff said, my rant is over, and I'm gonna see if someone can help me with my paranoia and lack of interest in my own hard earned money.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Possibly Cancelled Night

Ok so sorry for the late post. Last week on April 5th we went to the BYU library(since it was raining) and we wrote a bunch of secret messages on post its and secretly hid them inside of books. I'm pretty sure that some of the ones that I put in those books aren't going to be looked at until like twenty years from now or maybe even like never, I don't know(they were really really obscure books). I can't speak for Jarret or Kimber though since we all split up hee hee. I am totally mischievously grinning right now for that random student that finds a post it with the illuminating message of "BOOBIES!" years and years from now.

Anyways, this week was cancelled because Kimber threw up. We might reschedule but probably not since Kimber has failed to text me back after asking me what nights I am free to pull more pranks.
So plan for the week after this week though. It's prank night again. Bring a sharpie... again.