Thursday, April 15, 2010

taxes and poopy pants

I don't pay too much attention what happens to my money. This is a lazy and bad habit I developed from a lifetime of: "I don't care I'm apathetic and only wanna have fun," syndrom.

So anyway this was the first time I've ever filled out my own taxes, It was scary but I did it online through H and R block and they gave me step by step instructions. In the end of the tax report I submitted the mother fucker and a new page came up: "state taxes." What went through my head was: "Am I paying state taxes? I don't know I'll leave it blank" So anyway long story short, I recently found out from one of my pay stubs that I am infact still paying atate taxes through Utah and I just lost some good cash from my tax return because of this bullshit. Infact I wonder even now if the form went in and I'm even gonna get a return at all. The tension is killing me. And I just shit myself thinking I could also get in trouble with dumbasses for not doing my taxes.

Anyway I want to talk about this Mormon zion: "Utah," They suck you dry and cheat you so much when it comes to cash it's not even funny. nuff said, my rant is over, and I'm gonna see if someone can help me with my paranoia and lack of interest in my own hard earned money.


  1. And also Nolan you turn in your state and federal taxes separately so you can still do your state taxes and be fine. You don't get in trouble for not doing your taxes either.