Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Crazy Night

Nolan Night(aka weiner night) was only a partial success. Devin decided to pull a Fred* and get money instead of hanging out with Friends and all the remaining Nerd Nighters just watched movies instead anyways.

This upcoming Nerd Night is Crazy Night where we will get off our asses and go do crazy ass shit. Sortof in the vein of the video below. Start thinking of ideas

*Also known as Little Shit Bitch

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nolan Night

Yesterday we had Jewish Night. We all ate triscuits and gouda and watched Annie Hall. Then we had nap time on Kimber's floor.

This week is Nolan Night. Nolan will be in town and we will probably have an orgy since it will appease the Nolan. Rest assured it will be extra good since joining the Navy Nolan's sexy has quadrupled. We will also be doing Choose your own adventure.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Japanese Stereotypes and The Crylics

Last Nerd Night we once again went to In N Out(I can see a bad habit forming). After eating, we journeyed to the movie theater to watch New Moon and yell obscenities at the screen.

Tonight our mission is to find sushi and eat it. Afterwards we will be invading "The Velour" in downtown Provo to watch Battle of the Bands and cheer on The Crylics while simultaneously booing everyone else. It's gonna be kindof like this: