Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Ultimate Grand Theft Auto Championship Night

So last weeks "Poop" night was actually supposed to be "museum" night but actually what happened was that Kimber and Devin sat around watching Seinfeild while waiting for Jarret to show up. Whether Jarret ever showed up is still under investigation by Devin since Devin left too early since he got kinda bored.

This upcoming week is going to be awesome though. Since what's planned is THE ULTIMATE GRAND THEFT AUTO CHAMPIONSHIP! No rules or guidelines have been provided for this epic event so I'm just going to assume that there aren't any. Crotch punching is fine. Crotch punching with cars is even better. and Crotch punching with buses is best.
Show up at Jarret's and my place since that's where the xbox is.

Also we may be changing Nerd Night to another night that isn't Sunday. Probable candidates right now are Thursday or Friday night. So pay attention

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Poop Night

Next week is poop night where horrible suggested things will happen. Also there will be dogs there and possibly food and hopefully Frank and Marissa will show up.

Bring shit.