Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Possibly Cancelled Night

Ok so sorry for the late post. Last week on April 5th we went to the BYU library(since it was raining) and we wrote a bunch of secret messages on post its and secretly hid them inside of books. I'm pretty sure that some of the ones that I put in those books aren't going to be looked at until like twenty years from now or maybe even like never, I don't know(they were really really obscure books). I can't speak for Jarret or Kimber though since we all split up hee hee. I am totally mischievously grinning right now for that random student that finds a post it with the illuminating message of "BOOBIES!" years and years from now.

Anyways, this week was cancelled because Kimber threw up. We might reschedule but probably not since Kimber has failed to text me back after asking me what nights I am free to pull more pranks.
So plan for the week after this week though. It's prank night again. Bring a sharpie... again.

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