Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pimpshizzle night

Fun night went awesomely. The gang hung around at the local Wash-Hut waiting for Kimber's clothing to be washed and dried. For food, Devin got himself ice cream, Kimber got Panda Express, and Jarret didn't get anything(he was a little bugged by it too). When Kimber's laundry finished, we all crammed our asses in Kimber's car and drove around and terrorized downtown provo. Nuf' said.
Next week is PimpShizzle night. We're gonna start an underground crime syndicate with the sole illegal purpose of whoring out Nolan and Grant(a plan to bring them back to Utah is in my schedule as well). Also I think Kimber might have something planned. Bring your best bling.

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