Sunday, January 10, 2010

Eatin at a new place

In the beginning there were four to six Nerd Nighters(it fluctuates since some pricks joined the Navy and some wieners went to Texas). One of these people wasn't actually what we would traditionally call human. He had a heart of steel and a dick comparable to a baby carrot. Small dogs would quake in fear at the sight of his shoe and grown men would hold back their anger and need to punch in his face. His name was Dickweed.
Every week Dickweed would make us eat out at all the places that HE wanted to go to, like IHOP or Beto's or Brick Oven. But that was all in the past and those horrible memories have faded with time. This week to celebrate his disappearance, we are eating where we feel like, when we feel like, and how we feel like. So Dickweed, fuck you you bitch.
Here's some dudes with fire crotches.

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