Sunday, September 20, 2009

Board Game Night

Hello Dear Readers,

Monday (tomorrow if you're reading this now, today if you're reading it tomorrow, and yesterday if you're reading this the day after tomorrow), we will be playing board games for Nerd Night. Now that I think of it, we'll likely have to make provisions to make sure Spartacus doesn't jump up on us or the game, but we are crafty, inventive people, so I'm sure we'll think of something.

Also, everyone try to wear black underwear. I think it would be funny if our underwear all matched, but we didn't know it.


  1. Thanks for acknowledging I exist and that I wrote a post that says the same exact thing

  2. This post is mysterious because this very day I was involved in a discussion about the relation of yesterday to tomorrow, etc.

    Don't let Kimber take off her clothes as an excuse to prove she wore black undies. She herself added a modifier that allows for y'all not knowing everyone is wearing black undies. It's probably too late for me to warn you now since nerd night is on already as I type.

  3. It's okay Grant nobody took off there clothing. With the exception of Sparticus of course, who never had clothing in the first place.