Saturday, September 26, 2009

Karaoke Night

Last nerd night happened like this. Devin went to Kimber's house on time while Jarret and Kimber spent about forever getting some board games(I think they actually parked and made out for half an hour but don't tell them I said that). During this time Kimber's jerk-off peeper neighbor came over and showed me his penis, which for some reason is located on his forehead. He then told me a bunch of shit that I in turn told Kimber and Jarret when they got there.
Oh and Jarret apparently is a kickass Scrabble player. We should do Scrabble again, since it was fun.

This Monday we will be having Karaoke Night. Bring your vocal chords and your applications to Arby's.
Doesn't this kid kindof look like a little version of Nolan?


  1. Really, we weren't making out. Jarret stopped to go to the bathroom and didn't come out for half an hour. Also, I love that picture.


  2. Kimber I know you weren't really making out with Jarret. We all know the only person/thing you make out with is Beary. And do ya think Jarret was having personal Jarret time in that bathroom maybe? Also, I love that picture too.