Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Nerd Night Post

Whoo-hoo for us, we finally have a nerd night blog that Kimber didn't forget the password to. There's really not a lot of news, except to say that this Monday (tomorrow), we are going to the art museum, so everyone arrive promptly at seven, or you will be left behind.


  1. first bitches. Damn I always wanted to do that.

    I am sorry if me saying 'first' pisses you off. But deep inside you know you're just jealous of me.

  2. Oh gosh darn Devin! IIIII wanted to be first. I admit it. I confess. Now I will watch Lincoln play Killing Floor and drink more mango nectar.

  3. Now it is my turn to be jealous of you. I want mango nectar tooooo.